Welcome to Format 3. The place where no song is safe. This is not the place for everyday Top 40 versions or the Original Classics! If you are looking for something a bit different to the songs you know and hear everyday then you are in the right place!

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The Rules to qualify for airplay on Format 3
A track must have been a Top 40 hit at some point (50's to now). If it's had the Remix, Mash or Cover treatment you will hear the redone version here! There's no limit to the genres you may hear! Everything from Abba to ZZ Top is fair game! Even "The King" (Elvis) will get a look in if it passes the rules. We will play DJ remixes or some alternative mix of current Top 40 tracks as they become available! What we consider "local commercial releases" are relative to the Australian Market. Please be aware we are very anti "boomcha". This means we like dj mixes etc but we are not a dance station. We don't mix all day and are very anti any mix over 6 minutes long. This is not the place for continuous dance mixes or DJ sets!
******TuneIn Listeners******

TuneIn received a "take down letter" from Sony Music USA claiming Format 3 is in breach of copyright laws in the USA. This letter makes a couple of assumptions about our on going breaches based on Sony Music's over all market share (rather snobby I feel). The letter also points out approximately 30 other similar stations from various countries around the globe. First thing that becomes apparent is none are in the USA. Several points can be argued from there - the fact royalties are paid in Australia where we actually are - then everything is remixed and not necessarily the original licensed works anyway - also Sony Music USA has no say in what happens in the rest of the globe.

We feel the letter is part of the bigger sparing match going on with record companies and various stream hosting companies. TuneIn's reaction has been to ban services named in "take down letters" pending evidence to the contrary. Discussions are slow and ongoing. For now Format 3 remains blocked (via TuneIn) for anyone with a North American IP. Please use one of the links below as a work around. If you are a bit more tech savvy - consider setting up a VPN that doesn't present a North American IP to the TuneIn servers!

Thanks for all the messages asking about this!


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